Tuesday, September 22

Chicago police release video showing nearly two dozen looters ransacking store amid May unrest as they seek the public’s help in making arrests

The Chicago Police Department has released surveillance video showing nearly two dozen robbery suspects looting a local store during civil unrest in the city in late May.

The break-in took place just before 1.45pm on May 31 in the 3300 block of West Chicago Avenue in the Humboldt Park section on Chicago’s West Side.

Surveillance video from the scene shows a crowd of men and women, some with their faces covered, storming into the business, breaking display cases and grabbing armfuls of varied merchandise.

Police in Chicago have released surveillance video showing the looting of a West Side store in broad daylight on May 31

Dozens of people are seen storming into the business on West Chicago Avenue, breaking display cases and grabbing merchandise 

Some of the suspects wore masks, while others walked in with their faces on full display  

On their way out, a human traffic jam formed, allowing store cameras to capture clear images of the bandits laden with their loot. 

According to police, the suspects spent 25 minutes stripping the business of its wares and leaving the place in shambles.  

The video includes a collage of 23 photos showing the individuals suspects.   

Police appealed to the public’s help in identifying the people in the video.

The looting incident on West Chicago Avenue was one of the first incidents of its kind that took place in Chicago in the wake of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. 

The burglary lasted for 25 minutes and was captured on surveillance video

The bandits stripped the business of its ware and left destruction in their wake 

Police are asking anyone who recognizes these 23 people to contact them 

More unrest and gun violence followed, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries, and leading to hundreds of arrests. 

Anyone with information on the suspected burglars seen in the newly released recording is being asked to contact Area Four Detective Beese #21484 at 312-746-8253.

‘If you see any of these individuals, DO NOT APPROACH. CALL 9-1-1,’ police warned the public.